January 29th, 2012

Inaugural at the Water Tower
January 29th, 2012
Louisville Water Tower
Awarded funds:  $1,270
Winner:  West End School Comic Books

What a fantastic first event!
Were you still tingling with that warm fuzzy feeling when you woke up Monday morning??  We were, and here's why:

141 guests in attendance
$10 soup tickets at the door
$1,410 in total soup ticket funds
$140 subtracted from total amount to cover cost of the meal event (10%).
$1,270 award to the winner of the majority vote!!!

but wait...

 Winner Chenoweth Stites Allen only needed $650 for her comic book project with the West End School.
Remaining funds of $620 were split awarded to each of the other presenters Maggie Huber from This...is Louisville and John Austin Clark of Bourbon Baroque for their projects!!!


Thanks to all who came to support these projects.  It was an amazing evening so make plans to join us again for our next event scheduled for June 3rd.

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