Who should apply - and how to do it!

Who Can Apply?
Do you have a great idea that could benefit the local community? That’s half the battle!  We welcome artists, writers, farmers, chefs, teachers, engineers, community volunteers, and anyone in between to apply.  Groups and collaborative projects are also encouraged! Keep in mind that we’re looking for ideas/projects/programs that are new or emerging.  

If I want to apply, what else should I keep in mind?
  • Keep two things in mind: creativity and community.
  • You will not know how much funding you’re up for until the night of your presentation (since funding amount depends on how many people show up).  That being said, please know that we will do our best to publicize the bejesus out of the event, because we want to inspire as much community support as possible! 
  • You will have approximately 15 minutes to make your presentation, which includes any time you need for set-up/tear down.  The only requirement for your presentation is (you guessed it!) creativity.  This includes, but is not limited to, the use of power-points, tri-boards, musical ensembles, audience participation and beyond.  Be poignant. Be inspirational.   Be awesome. 
  • If you receive the most votes, you will receive your dollah-dollah-billz at the end of the posSOUPbility event. 
  • If you receive posSOUPbility funding, you will be required to show us how awesome your project is by giving a progress/final report at a future posSOUPbility event.  
  • We likely share your views on censorship.  That being said, please remember that the audience at your presentation may include children.  
  • Never hesitate to ask us questions at posSOUPbility@gmail.com.
  • If more than three applications are received, not all applicants will be selected to present at the next PosSOUPbility (but we love you anyway!). See the next question for more...

How do you select who presents at each posSOUPbility?
Here at posSOUPbility, we’re all about being fair, transparent, and making as much of a community impact as possible.  If we receive more than three applications for a posSOUPbility event, three innovators will be chosen to present through a blind screening process. No names - just ideas.  Applicants who are not selected are strongly encouraged to apply for the next posSOUPbility event, because every ideas deserves consideration! 

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