What on earth is posSOUPbility?

posSOUPbility is a meal-based micro-granting program in Louisville, KY.  It's part of a larger network of similar programs across the globe all seeking to bring communities together over food to support innovative projects that make the world a better place.  

posSOUPbility believes in the power of the people to make change happen.  It exists to unite citizens in democratically supporting projects that celebrate and/or benefit the people, places, and things that make the Louisville metro area SOUPer great.  

How does it work?
1.  We host a meal event featuring delicious soup.
2.  You pay a $10 (suggested) cash donation to eat the soup.
3.  You listen while 3 good-hearted folks pitch their project that's in need of funding.
4.  You cast your vote for your favored project.
5.  Winner of the vote wins a micro-grant generated from all the cash donated at the door!

Winners take the funds and implement their projects.
We ask them to return to a future event to present their project's outcome and how they used the funds.

Who can attend?
Anyone and everyone! So join us!!!  Just RSVP to the next event on our Facebook page (facebook.com/posSOUPbility) or by emailing us at posSOUPbility@gmail.com.  This helps us ensure we have enough food for everyone.

Who can apply?
Anyone who has an established or emerging project that celebrates and/or benefits the Louisville metro community that is in need of funding.  Established organizations are eligible to present at a meal event as long as the need for funding is real and made clear.  Even if you have an idea for a project--apply!

Where do posSOUPbility events take place? 
Anywhere and everywhere!  We plan future events to take place at various venues in different neighborhoods. We're open to suggestions on great venues/spaces (outdoor and indoor), so please contact us with your ideas! 

I want a posSOUPbility event in my public space!
Cool!  We do too!  It's a great way to give your space the exposure it deserves, so contact us at posSOUPbility@gmail.com!

How do you sustain your efforts?
posSOUPbility is an entirely volunteer run grassroots effort.  No one involved makes money off of the event except the winner chosen by the people (and, coincidentally, for the people).  From the donated funds at each event, posSOUPbility recoups only what is needed to cover costs (up to and not exceeding 10%) for that specific event.

Do you need volunteers?  Donations?
Absolutely!  We would be happy to have you volunteer your time to help us host a future event.  We are even more happy to accept your donation!  Contact us at posSOUPbility@gmail.com with either interest to volunteer or donate, or both!

I want to talk to you!
We want to hear from you!  Contact us at www.posSOUPbility@gmail.com or find us and send us a message on Facebook.